Denudation Tips - Product Spotlight

Denudation Tips - Product Spotlight

Our Reproline Flexible Denudation Tips are a favourite with our customers. BPA free, and nearly unbreakable, our single use micropipette tips are perfect for oocyte manipulation, blastomere or polar body manipulation, embryo handling or denuding.

Compatible with most popularly used micropipettors, the tips are available with a straight cut off or an oblique cut off in a range of sizes from 80µm - 550µm to suit your needs. The simple to use packaging makes the tips simple to access and is colour coded by tip size for easy visual identification.

At Labsynergy, we ensure that all of the products we sell are of the best quality. The Reproline Flexible Denudation Tips are no exception, CE-certified, tested for mouse embryo toxicity (MEA) and endotoxins (LAL), they can be trusted to reliably perform in your lab.

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