Are you aspirating correctly ?

Are you aspirating correctly ?
Doctors & Embryologists are concerned about Oocyte damage during aspirations
Is it time to check your tube sets and aspirator settings ?
Errors are typically caused by two factors
High FLOW rates
Tube sets with steps causing turbulence
Understanding Flow Rates

• This is a function of 3 parameters
– Diameter of needle
– Length of tube
– Vacuum applied

Historically the magic ‘100mmHg’ value was previously known as the go to pressure value, but is that now out of date ?
Tube lengths are longer – Longer tubes have an impact of aspiration capacity
Needles sizes are down to 17G thus impacting the aspiration face diameter

What happens to flow rates with such changes
IVFsynergy support and service aspiration pumps and provide "step-free" tube sets that will fit COOK, LABOTECT and ROCKET pumps
Considering the above, the risk to the oocytes from steps in the tube sets and a combination of length / diameter having a direct impact on the pressure required, is it time to consider a sense check on your tube sets and pressure settings ?

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