Synergy in Life Sciences

working together to make things better

Life Sciences

Products to help investigate topics such as evolution, genetics, cell biology, and the intricate mechanisms that enable organisms to adapt, survive, and reproduce. 

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Cutting-edge laboratory equipment and consumables, enabling scientists to push the boundaries of knowledge and innovation in human cell culture and pathology.

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With a commitment to excellence, we provide a wide array of Animal IVP consumables and equipment, tailored to various species, including cattle, horses and small ruminants.

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Servicing & Training

We built the whole company around high level, lower cost service provision. Our team are well versed in installing, fixing, and managing customer assets. We have a dedicated and geographically diverse team, serving the sectors we cover.

Our business was born in the Human IVF laboratory sector. As our reputation grew our disciplines overlapped to wider departments and teams.

LABsynergy is a company that brings together our specialised departments of Life Sciences, Human IVF and Veterinary IVP under one roof. We have extensive experience in these fields independently and have consolidated LabSynergy to establish a multidisciplinary approach to these related life sciences, bringing the best of them together in synergy, where we all benefit from significant overlap of resources and knowledge.

Synergy is...

Three disciplines together

We're here to help

We operate across several Life Science disciplines, where products in one discipline often overlap, but unfortunately not all products can be used due to restrictions.  

Our team includes a dedicated customer service desk who are on hand to help you every step of the way with orders suiting your different laboratory requirements.