Astec and Safe Sense pH monitoring

Astec and Safe Sense pH monitoring-IVFSynergy

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IVF synergy are very excited to announce the news that the Safe Sense system has been approved for OEM collaboration in the EC6S bench top from Astec for continuous pH Monitoring for IVF Culture Media

Exclusively supplied by IVFsynergy in the UK and IRE - If you are looking at pH to replace CO2 or in combination, this is going to change the game for you.

Let us know if you would like more information on the use of the pH system in incubators or would like one of the team to make contact with you


Safe Sense

ASTEC, CO. LTD and Blood Cell Storage Inc., Announce Partnership
Continuous pH Monitoring for IVF Culture Media

SEATTLE, WA March 26, 2019 – Blood Cell Storage, Inc. (BCSI) and ASTEC CO., LTD., a Japanese Corporation, today announced their original equipment manufacturer (OEM) relationship for integration of the SAFE Sens TrakStation / TrakPod within the EC-6 and EC-6S desktop incubators. Effective immediately, ASTEC’s EC-6S incubators with the SAFE Sens non-invasive and continuous pH monitoring system are available worldwide.

“We tested the SAFE Sens system integrated into our EC-6S incubator at our Fukuoka factory and found that it accurately monitors environmental conditions in incubators. The SAFE Sens non-invasive pH monitoring coupled with the Stable, Spacious and Superior EC-6S incubator will be of great benefit to our customers,” said ASTEC General Manager Takeo Cho.

“We are excited to make our partnership with ASTEC official and look forward to working in tandem with our colleagues at ASTEC to service and grow our joint customer base around the world,” added BCSI Business Director, Steve Geelhood.

The TrakStation and TrakPod are the latest generation of continuous pH monitoring laboratory instruments from BCSI. With the capability of monitoring from one (1) to eight (8) chambers simultaneously, the system provides the lab manager or clinician with assurance of a stable incubator environment throughout the five (5) to seven (7) day IVF cycle.

Further, the system requires no expensive calibration or adjustments during the process. One disposable sensor lasts the entire cycle and is replaced between cycles; a Quality Control alignment tool adjusts the instrument to factory specifications in under ten (10) seconds after each cycle is complete.

Blood Cell Storage Inc. (BCSI), based in Seattle, Washington, is an international laboratory instrument and medical devices company. BCSI’s patented technology and products benefit patients, clinicians, researchers, pathologists and doctors. In addition to IVF monitors, the company’s fluorescent dyes, micro-fluidics, nucleic acid extraction capabilities and automated systems reduce healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes. For more information, contact Steve Geelhood at or visit

ASTEC CO., LTD. established in Fukuoka, Japan in 1978, is one of the largest incubator manufacturers in the world. We are committed to making contributions through our business to improve the lives and works of people working in cell culture laboratories around the world. Our unique products are results of listening to our customers to realize their wishes. We strongly believe that working together with customers towards their future leads us future opportunities. For more info, please visit or contact at

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