Disinfectant - Are your hands clean and safe enough ?

Disinfectant - Are your hands clean and safe enough ?

Keep on top of your cleaning protocols with hand, surface and key equipment disinfectant.

Microbiological Efficacy:
Bactericide and fungicide (Candida). It is also effective against flu viruses (H1N1/H5N1)

Oosafe® Hand Disinfectant 500 ml with pump

Health and safety
• MEA and HSSA tested
• Transparent
• Odourless
• Alcohol-free
• No VOC release
• Keeps your skin soft
High quality
• Ready-to-use solution
• Security sealed
• Valid for 3 years, even after opening
• Long term disinfection/low evaporating rate
• Fast disinfection effect

Hand Disinfectant is available in a range of sizes for easy dispensing.

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