ESHRE Geneva - IVFtech ROCK!! June 2017 - Watkins -

ESHRE Geneva - IVFtech ROCK!! June 2017 - Watkins -IVFSynergy

Attending ESHRE Geneva 2017 was a blast

So good to see lots of our friends and colleagues at the meeting, we made some new commercial contracts as well that we will work on throughout 2017/18.

Bringing some new equipment to UK and also some new service provision

IVFtech were simply fantastic and the two owners Karina and Kjeld two are possibly the nicest people in IVF

We believe that they have to have set up the most dedicated and focused factory we have seen. It is very impressive to see what they have done with their company over the last few years and it is great news to know that we will be working again with them.

Thanks to all for the hospitality - great things ahead for our collaborations

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