IVFsynergy Partners with ICU Scandinavia AB

IVFsynergy Partners with ICU Scandinavia AB

IVFsynergy is excited to announce its recent partnership with ICU Scandinavia. The company is based in Stockholm, Sweden, however, has customers and partners worldwide. ICU operates a quality assurance system known as Boomerang. Below, we will elaborate on what Boomerang does, and how it works.

Whether it be the media stored inside a fridge or an embryo inside an incubator, it is crucial that set parameters are maintained. If this is not both constantly and consistently achieved, there can be major disruptions to productivity, and in the worst of cases, the loss of embryos. In order to minimize the risk of damage to embryo development, the Boomerang automatic temperature logging system is the perfect partner. Boomerang makes the monitoring and quality assurance of your lab simple. The system works by automatically collecting information regarding temperatures of your lab equipment, such as fridges, freezers, incubators, and warming ovens. If the set temperature of your equipment exceeds a certain threshold, an alarm will be triggered to alert the user via SMS, telephone, and/or email. In addition to temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, pressure and particle counts inside a confined room can also be recorded. This eliminates the need for manual temperature monitoring, which often requires extensive administration and paper handling, and can result in human error, as temperature monitoring is not the primary focus inside the lab.

Boomerang is a cloud-based system, and thus via wireless communication, it is possible to centralize supervision, irrespective of the number of measuring points or laboratories. All measured data are stored by Boomerang, and the system routinely backs up its gathered information. When certain reports are required by the user, they can be produced in different formats, e.g., Microsoft Excel.

There are many advantages to using the Boomerang system, including:

  • Saves time
  • Provides continuous and reliable measurements
  • Continuous monitoring 24/7
  • Alarm alerts via SMS, phone & email
  • Quick installation process
  • User friendly
  • Efficient reports
  • Always available online

If you are interested in the installation of Boomerang in your lab, or would simply like to know more, please contact us at support@ivfsynergy.com

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