MIRI filters and replacements

MIRI filters and replacements
While you may be familiar with how your Esco Miri incubator works, are you aware of how frequently your hepa/VOC needs changing?
It has been scientifically proven that in-line gas filters are effective against VOCs, CACs, bacteria, odour, dust and more. By changing this filter every 3 months as recommended, you are ensuring your Esco Miri incubator is functioning at peak performance.
Furthermore, the filter is engaged and working whenever the incubator is switched on and circulating gas. It is NOT changed during a standard annual service.
  1. The filter is quick and easy to change. This is how you do it:
  2. Gently pull the current filter (located on the back of the unit) towards you in a parallel motion, with both hands.
  3. The flow arrow on the incubator and filter should be facing the same direction.
  4. Press in both angle fittings parallel (with both hands again) into the designated holes, until the filter snaps firmly into place.
  5. Discard the old filter into your clinical waste bin.
  6. To help you remember, write the installation date on the filter, to remind you when to next change it.
If you have any queries regarding this item, please contact us at support@ivfsynergy.com

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