Testsimplets - Pre Stained Slides

Testsimplets - Pre Stained Slides




Testsimplets are ready-to-use slides which are pre-stained with standard dyes, saving time and costs in relation to differential diagnostic microscopy. Due to their design, Testsimplets enable a simple and clean procedure which eliminates the need for staining procedures.

Aside from differential spermatozoal staining, Testsimplets have a variety of uses, and can be applied in cancer cytology, urinary cytology, cerebrospinal fluid cytology, nasal cytology. Furthermore, researchers agree that Testsimplets are particularly useful and popular with IVF clinics that share a lab for both andrology and embryology, as the product eliminates the need to use chemical reagents, which often contain volatile compounds that can negatively affect the environment in which embryos develop (Riddell et al. 2005).

In routine semen analysis, Testsimplets can be utilised in place of onsite mixed staining, of which can be both time-consuming and costly.


Below is a guide from Waldeck on how to use Testsimplets for spermatozoal staining:

The amount of liquefied ejaculate required is dependent on the concentration of the spermatozoa. Waldeck advise the following measurements:

5 µl (spermatozoa concentration > 50 mill/ml)

10 µl (spermatozoa concentration >10–50 mill/ml)

15 µl (spermatozoa concentration < 10 mill/ml)

To begin, “Apply a drop of the liquefied ejaculate to the middle of a cover slip and place on the pre-stained area of the slide in such a way that the ejaculate spreads evenly in all directions. To ensure even distribution of the sample it is useful to press on the middle of the cover slip with a pencil. After 30 minutes a weak staining is attainable, however the preparation should be left to stand at room temperature for about 2 hours until the majority of the spermatozoa have become immobile and well stained. Then differentiation into normal and pathological forms is undertaken. The preparation is stable for at least 4 hours at room temperature. If microscopic differentiation cannot be performed until after 4 to 24 hours the slide should be refrigerated immediately after preparation. After 20–24 hours stored in a refrigerator at 4 °C the spermatozoa are still well stained. Fixation using Eukitt® is not advisable due to the subsequent destruction of the spermatozoa.”

Each pack of Testsimplets contains 50 ready-to-use, prestained slides, with 50 dust-free cover slips (24 x 36mm).


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