Partnership with Minitube

Partnership with Minitube

IVFsynergy are excited to announce a new partnership with Minitube, a leading supplier of reproduction technology in farm animals in the fields of artificial insemination.

Established in 1970 under the guidance of Dr. Ludwig Simmet, Minitube currently establishes international standards in the field of reproductive technology. Stemming from original patents and inventive concepts, the organization progressed from a modest provider of premium items for the artificial insemination of domesticated animals to a dominant force in cutting-edge assisted reproduction technologies. Encompassing a comprehensive array of products, Minitube delivers its services worldwide to clients engaged in agriculture, veterinary and human reproductive medicine, animal breeding, as well as diverse research domains.

IVFsynergy will be focusing on and supporting a variety of heating systems, including control units, heated stages for microscopes, heated insert plates, clamp-on heated stages, warming plates, portable incubators, rechargeable batteries, and much more.

If this interests you, please contact us at for more information.

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