The IVFsynergy Team have had another busy week helping service and support clinics across the region.

Faults and support, planned and unscheduled visits, offsite and onsite provision, each and every week.

Our aim as a company has always been to ensure that we are scaling our service provision along with our clients needs and the products that are being adopted. This led us to provide wider, more encompassing support with an ever changing portfolio as the market moves.

We are proud to offer service on a wide range of equipment from top names in the sector.

Although a fully managed service is the very pinnacle of that provision, our clients that use any of our service provision benefit from an enhanced service cover and are therefore able to focus their time and expertise at what they are trained to do, rather than engineering and fault finding.

We make no apologies for it, and nor should you. Our team do this all day everyday. We are cheaper than your staff doing this work for you and we do it better than many. We have lots of man hours invested in training and actual hands on experience across the team. Saving our current clinics many tens of thousands of pounds, regardless of size or shape.

Interested ? It is a free consultation process and the team are happy to review your PPM Service needs.

Email the team to start the process

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