Synergy, the home of IVFsynergy & LABsynergy

Synergy, the home of IVFsynergy & LABsynergy

IVFsynergy has long been a respected name in the Human IVF laboratory sector, but we are seeing significant overlap between other disciplines, departments and teams.

LABsynergy is our newly launched business group. As a trusted supplier we offer cutting-edge laboratory equipment and consumables suitable for life sciences, human IVF and animal IVP from a wide range of independent manufacturers. To better serve our customers and bring our specialised departments of Life Sciences, Human IVF and Animal IVP together we have brought everything under one home called Synergy.

Our IVF business remains exactly the same, but will just be housed within a new website with some new and exciting products and collaborations for 2024.

Our team boasts extensive experience in these areas independently, and by joining IVFSynergy and LABsynergy under the Synergy brand, we can establish a multidisciplinary approach to life sciences. This allows us to combine the best of these fields to work in synergy and maximize the overlap of resources and knowledge.

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