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Synergy in Life Science knowledge centre is an ambitious concept that brings together an array of scientific partners and producers.  Our scientific advisors are each a beacon of expertise in their respective domains, who collectively advance our understanding of life and the way of things.

In an era of rapid technological advancement and complex biological challenges, synergistic collaboration has become paramount. We run training workshops, provide learning materials and provide advice.  Our consortium of knowledge givers comprises renowned research institutions, leading pharmaceutical companies, visionary biotechnology firms, and esteemed academics and centres, all committed to a shared mission: to unravel the mysteries of life, promote well-being, and drive progressive breakthroughs.

By uniting the intellectual and technological resources of these diverse partners, Synergy in Life Science fosters an environment of cross-disciplinary innovation, accelerating our mutual progress in life sciences, reproductive medicine, genomics, disease understanding, and personalized medicine. Through cutting-edge research, data sharing, and collaborative projects, we are helping support the life sciences landscape.

Join us on this remarkable journey where scientific partnerships redefine the boundaries of possibility, ultimately delivering transformative benefits and extending our understanding of life itself.

At Synergy we have been very lucky to have met some wonderful people doing extraordinary things.  From time to time we get the opportunity to learn from them or journey with with them a while and share some of life's lessons.

Below are some of our Scientific Support and Advisors.

Lotte Stroebech DVM PhD​

Dr Stroebech has been at the forefront of many significant advances within in vitro production of embryos with more than 20 years of experience in media development and protocol optimization.

Dr Stroebech, is a veterinarian, with a PhD in Veterinary Physiology, was scientific advisor and developed the media for IVF Bioscience UK, Associate Professor at University of Copenhagen, supervising PhD students and Postdocs in IVP of embryos, Research Partner and Steering Group Committee Member in research projects such as EliteOva, EliteSemen, Searmet, GIFT Brazil, Chairman of the board of the Danish Society of Reproduction and Fetal Development (DSRF), and board member of the IETS and previously a board member of the AETE.