Controlled Rate Freeze Thaw - CRFT
Controlled Rate Freeze Thaw - CRFT

Controlled Rate Freeze Thaw - CRFT

Controlled rate freezer and thawer that maximises cell survival without using liquid nitrogen
  • Transgenic embryology research
  • Stem cell research
  • Clinical and research samples, e.g. lymphocytes and tissue cell lines in conventional cryovials
  • Various mammalian cells including cardiomyocytes, adipose, liver and muscle
  • Cord blood derived stem cells
  • Adherent cells and stem cells in microplates
  • Cell suspensions in numbered/barcoded arrays
  • System integrations
  • Suitable for applications in veterinarian IVF
Key features and benefits
  • Accurate and reproducible control of cooling rates and sample temperatures
  • A focus on maximising cell survival rates
  • Controlled and customisable freezing and thawing
  • Linear and non-linear freezing profiles
  • Liquid nitrogen, alcohol and cryogen free – no need for ‘topping up’
  • Interchangeable heads for flexibility (ordered separately)
  • Free of charge software allows you to design, track, export and report temperature profiles
  • Easy to use and samples can be nucleated/seeded in-situ
  • Low running costs: estimated at 1% of liquid nitrogen-controlled rate freezing and runs on a 24V supply
  • Temperature range of -100°C to 30°C*
  • Servicing and calibration options available
  • Command protocols available
Dimensions (mm) – wdh 345 x 290 x 380 (lid off) / 460 (lid on)
Weight (kg) 5kg
Max plate temp (°C) 30°C
Min plate temp (°C) -100°C*
Temp accuracy +/- 0.5°C
Temp stability +/- 0.1°C
Temp uniformity +/- 1.0°C Ref
Max cooling rate 10°C min/min
Max thawing rate 10°C/min from -100°C
Max temp stabilisation time 5 mins
Plug type UK, EU or US
Power supply 100-240V, 50-60Hz (24V DC unit supply)
Warranty 2 years


Brochure & Manual

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Product Manual

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