AIYX - Four Cell Disposable Sperm Counting Chamber - IVFSynergy
AIYX - Four Cell Disposable Sperm Counting Chamber - IVFSynergy

Sperm Counting Chamber - Four Cell

AIYX slides are high quality disposable counting chambers especially made for analysis of sperm concentration and motility.

Product Information

The slides have an excellent low limit of quantification and can handle high sperm concentrations.

Due to its characteristics, AIYX slides will save time performing a semen analysis, as well as increase the level of accuracy and precision.

During the production process there is a continuous quality control of the slides(chamber depth between defined limits, no air bubble formation during filling and not toxic for semen).

A certificate of analysis is provided with all slides.

AIYX slides are suitable for human as well as animal reproduction.


Available in a range of sizes (Species)

AIYX 10(H=10um),

AIYX 20(H=20um),

AIYX 100(H=100um)

Other sizes can be customised

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