NQ Series Darwin Transport Incubator
NQ Series Darwin Transport Incubator
NQ Series Darwin Transport Incubator
NQ Series Darwin Transport Incubator

NQ Series Darwin Transport Incubator

The NQ Series of portable heated incubators are a reliable and versatile solution for maintaining optimal incubation temperatures for a wide range of specimens.


Whether you're conducting research in the field or in the lab, this incubator is designed to provide precise and consistent temperature control to ensure the integrity of your samples.

For added safety, the incubator also includes a high-temperature cutoff feature. For convenience and flexibility, the incubator comes with both an AC/DC power supply and an automobile power adapter. If you need to transport your samples without being tethered to a power source, you can pair the incubator with our rechargeable module for untethered mobility.


Darwin Chambers Portable Incubators NQPlus Series have several uses, such as:

  • Transporting samples
  • Water Treatment Research
  • Maintaining Microbiological Cultures for Cell Research
  • Heat only with a High/Low temperature cut off.
  • Hinged and latch lid allows for a more secure transportation
  • NQ30Plus, NQ50Plus, & NQ72Plus attached oversized drain plug allows easy cleaning 
  • Standard, redundant high temperature over-ride. 
  • Ruggedized interface panel
  • Redundant power inlets.
  • As an added option, we have incorporated lightweight Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery technology to power the unit on battery power alone.
  • This will be useful anywhere a 120V or 12V power supply is not available. For longer periods of time, extra battery power can be added if required for your incubator needs.
  • Attached document pouch.
  • Precision Liquid-In-Glass Verification Thermometer, 15/50C. NIST Traceable.
  • Test tube rack
  • Optional battery pack
  • Ultra-lightweight. Less than 1/4 the weight of comparable lead-acid battery.
  • The battery pack is approximately 3"(7.6cm) in additional width and weighs 3.2lbs (1.7kg).
  • Incredibly long battery life.
  • Lightweight Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LFP) Batteries are proven rugged
  • Li-Fe batteries are the standard type of batteries for motorcycle and automobile racing due to their weight, output, and reliability.

Darwin Chambers Company offers a full 6 month warranty on all parts and labor for our NQPlus Series Portable Incubators.



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