IVFtech - I tables - IVFSynergy
IVFtech - I tables - IVFSynergy
IVFtech - I tables - IVFSynergy

I Tables

The IVFtech I tables are designed for use in the operating theatre and procedure areas when doing cell retrieval.  Enjoy top-of-the-line accuracy with this precise equipment.

It has a clean smooth heated surface ideal for any warming blocks and media flasks.  The standard drawer can be used for storage or the drawer can also be heated for heating the tools and consumables.


The IVFtech uniformed heated I - table is a mobile solution to allow moving the heated surface to the work area at an adjustable work height.

Available with an electronic stand, castors and stable platform. 

  • Ergonomic design - work at the height you need, where you need it
  • Heated table top accurate at 37.0 degrees with accuracy calibrated to 0.1 degrees, ensuring exact and consistent results every time.- will accept heated blocks
  • Full flexibility to work where you need it with casters and long power leads
  • Option for heated drawer with separate control
  • Hi-macs or stainless steel surface for ease of cleaning


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