Culture Coins MIRI TL
Culture Coins MIRI TL
Culture Coins MIRI TL
Culture Coins MIRI TL

Culture Coins MIRI TL

The ESCO Medical CultureCoin® is a single-use, gamma-sterilized IVF culture dish, designed for use with the MIRI® TL, ESCO Medical’s time-lapse incubator.

  • 25 Dishes/box 
  • Gamma-sterilized
  • 14 numbered wells for easy location and tracking by the user
  • Each well also includes two washing wells for cell manipulations and media changes
  • Mounted lid ensures complete coverage of the culture area for added security
  • A specially designed area for pH measurement that doesn’t disturb the cultured samples
  • Flat bottom design is ideal for facilitating heat transfer from below, enhancing the culture environment

    The MIRI® TL’s state-of-the-art technology captures real-time images of developing embryos, providing a continuous view in the form of time-lapse videos. The CultureCoin® facilitates the MIRI® TL’s capture of images, as each of the 14 wells on the coin has a 300µm optically clear area for optimal microscopy.


    The CultureCoin® features an ergonomic layout, which ensures the secure and effective handling of embryos, and oxygen plasma-treated surfaces, which are designed to prevent bubble formation. Each culture well also includes two wash wells for cell manipulation, washing, or replacing culture media, and a pH reservoir to allow spot pH measurement without interaction with any cultured samples.

    • Overall dimensions ⌀ 71 x 10 mm
    • Weight (empty) 0.5 gram
    • Material Polystyrene
    • Temperature range 25 ‐ 40 °C
    • CO2 range 1.9 ‐ 10%
    • O2 range 2.0 ‐ 4.9%
    • Sterilization method Gamma beam
    • Lifetime 2 years

    Toxicity tested Embryo toxicity tested with thawed 1 cell mouse embryos. Expanded Blastocyst rate on the culture dish after 96 hours > 80 % (n=150)0.6 bar (8.70 PSI)

    Brochure & Instructions

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