Makler Counting Chamber

Makler Counting Chamber

Sefi Medical Makler Counting Chamber is used to conduct sperm count from undiluted semen specimens at 37°c 

In order to calculate the concentration (millions/mL) a physical count of the spermatozoa in the single square graticule is conducted and then calculated. (Five zeros are then added to the number counted and the result is the concentration in millions per mL)

When the cover glass is placed on the four tips, the space bounded in a row of 10 squares is exactly one millionth of mL.  The sperm heads within the squares of the grid are counted in the same way blood cell are counted in hemocytometer.

Available for upright and invert scopes (order the correct orientation) and CASA system configuration

  • Rapid 
  • Built in Grid
  • Economical
  • Simple
  • Undiluted
  • Initial kit includes Chamber grip for stage manipulation
  • Repeated use and reusable
  • Cover glass grid (means no grip in the eyepieces)
  • Depth of 10 micons allows imaging of spermatozoa on one focal plane 
  • Requires 20x eyepieces
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