Microbiology Petri Dish
Microbiology Petri Dish
Microbiology Petri Dish

Microbiology Petri Dish

Dishes specifically suited to Microbiological and Microscope use.  Can be used with standard light source illumination, including Phase Contrast.  

Product Details
  • Dish sizes of 60mm, 90mm and 150mm
  • 15mm side wall depths as standard. 
  • 90mm dish available as either a 15mm or 17mm.
  • Other grades sizes and certification of dishes are available.
  • Made of medical-grade polystyrene; High degree of transparency for optimal analysis by microscopy
  • Three sizes available with uniform thickness and smooth surface
  • Vented lid for better gas exchange; Easy stacking
  • Price is for 500 pcs in 60mm and 90mm.  200pcs in the 150mm size


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