Papanicolaou Staining Solution for Spermatozoan Morpology

Papanicolaou Staining Solution for Spermatozoan Morpology

CARIAD Papanicolaou Staining Solution (PAP) stain semen samples for sperm morphology.

• WHO recommended method, excellent staining effect
• Hematoxylin, Eosin Azure 50 and Orange Green stains


Distinct morphological features after staining summary.  Nucleus have a positive dye reaction, cytoplasm does not.  

Hematoxylin : Natural dye hematoxylin is the nuclear stain which will stain nuclei blue. It has affinity for chromatin, attaching to sulphate groups on the D.N.A. molecule. 

Eosin Azure : This is the second counterstain which is a polychrome mixture of eosin Y, light green SF and Bismarck brown.

Orange Green 6 : This is the first acidic counterstain (cytoplasmic stain) which stains matured and keratinized cells. The target structures are stained orange in different intensities.



• 500 mL×5

Shelf Life

Stable for 12 months at room temperature and is valid for 30 days after opening

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