4-Well Dishes for IVF (nontreated)
4-Well Dishes for IVF (nontreated)

4-Well Dishes for IVF (nontreated)

Innovative features for quality and ease-of-use
  • Ensures proper orientation and prevents cross contamination with notched lid and dish
  • Prevents scratches on well bottoms and maintains optimal temperature with 0.8 mm raised edge
  • Certificates of conformity available for every lot
Rigorously tested, certified and validated for IVF
  • CE-marked, FDA cleared and MEA tested
  • Produced under ISO 13485 with full lot traceability
  • Certificates of conformity for your assurance on every lot
    • Sterile (SAL 10-6)
    • Non-pyrogenic (LAL test)
    • USP Class VI test
    • Release test results (MEA)

Units per pack/case: 4/120


The criteria for an IVF product is that it is reliable and does not offer any threat to the viability of your embryos.

Thermo Scientific Nunc IVF products are produced under ISO 13485 to ensure our customers receive a consistent, high quality product with no lot to lot variability.

Fertilization & Maturation

Nunc™ ICSI and Centre Well dishes are CE-marked Class IIa as Medical Devices for IVF and were designed specifically for In Vitro Fertilization applications. The flat bottom design optimizes heat transfer so you can maintain correct temperatures during protocols. Improved handling performance makes the dishes safer and easier to grip, move and manipulate your precious eggs and embryos.


Mouse Embryo Assay (MEA) Using the 1-cell stage mouse embryo toxicity test, our criteria is that more than 80% of the fertilized eggs should develop to a fully expanded blastocyst after 96 hours. The MEA test is a release test and the product will only be sold if it meets this criteria.

Human Sperm Survival Assay (HSSA)

To pass the HSSA test, the motility of human sperm should be ≥70 % after 24 hours of sample preparation. The control sample motility must be at least 50% of the initial swim-up motility for the test to be acceptable. The HSSA test is a release test, and the product will only be sold if it meets this criteria.


Nunc Fertility Plasticware Brochure


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