RH-3100 Docking Station
RH-3100 Docking Station
RH-3100 Docking Station
RH-3100 Docking Station

RH-3100 Docking Station

High-Capacity / Low-Profile


Designed exclusively for the "CUBE" (AD-3100) handheld chamber.

The Heat-Wise (RH-3100) unit with optional Hand-Held Chamber minimizes the effect of fluctuations in the environment.
Its straightforward and sturdy design guarantees user-friendliness without complication.

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Safe, Simple and Robust

Just position the hand-held chamber on the Heat-Wise and use it as a straightforward satellite incubator in your workstation.
Heat-Wise is offered for both the Split Lid Hand-Held Chamber (HC-3100-2) and the Single Lid Hand-Held Chamber (HC-3100).


Hand Held Chamber(Single Lid Design)

Model HC-3100
Size (W×D×H) W180 mm × D217 mm × H20 mm
Capacity 781mL
Dish number 35mm: 12 dishes
60mm: 6 dishes
4well: 4 dishes

Hand Held Chamber(Split Lid Design)

Model HC-3100-2
One Compartment Size (W×D×H) W94 mm × D100 mm × H20 mm
One Compartment Capacity 186 mL (744 mL in total 4 compartments)
Dish number for one compartment 35mm: 4 dishes
60mm: 1 dish
4well: 1 dish


No modification is required. It is available to
position the Hand-Held Chamber both on the Heat-Wise and AD-3100.

Can be used with single or double lid configuration.

With the new divided lid option, dishes for up to two patients can occupy the same drawer. This unique feature allows you to access the desired dish in one chamber without disturbing others, while keeping each patient's dish separate in a compact environment.

The drawers are detachable and can be easily picked up and placed back on the tray, making this unit exceptionally easy to clean and maintain.

The main incubation block is made from Grade A aluminium and is autoclavable.
*A universal type bottom plate to fit most common plasticware from various manufacturers is the standard option. A customized bottom plate can be made to order if desired.



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