Aspiration Filter Set - for COOK pumps
Aspiration Filter Set - for COOK pumps
Rocket Aspiration Filter Set - for COOK pumps - IVFSynergy

Aspiration Filter Set - for COOK pumps

Filter set to connect to COOK pumps

Removes contamination risk from irregular or uncontrolled decontamination of multiple-use consumable filters.


Rocket® Lightweight Aspiration Pump Filter Sets offer a simple, safe, cost-effective, patient connection method specifically designed for use with the latest generation of digital Oocyte Aspiration Pumps.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT PATIENT TUBE SET: 2.5m lightweight patient tube set with integral luer lock connector to ensure secure, reliable connection to all standard luer-lock fitting aspiration needle sets.
  • HYDROPHOBIC BARRIER provides pump protection by preventing accidental aspiration of fluid into the device.
  • DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY to match the performance characteristics of Rocket® Craft™ and Rocket® Digital aspiration pumps
Filter Specification
  • 17mm
  • Effective filtration 0.2micron,
  • BFE 99.9999%*
  • VFE 99.9999%*
  • High flow /low resistance Insufflation/Gas/Air Filter
  • Hydrophobic barrier.
  • Inner core: PTFE


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