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At Synergy we like to see ourselves as your partners in advancing the art and science of cattle breeding. Our curated range of lab equipment and consumables enables precision breeding, AI success, and overall reproductive health.

Whether you're a seasoned IVP vet or a passionate researcher, our range of bovine specific products are designed to increase bovine reproduction success rates.

Bovine Media

Stroebech's media range applies to in vitro production of bovine embryos from both Ovum Pick Up and Slaughterhouse ovary collection. It can also be used to produce sheep, goat, buffaloes and camelid embryos.

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Bovine Products

Synergy brings together the best names in consumables and laboratory supplies for the modern commercial animal production centre. Here are some products recommended specifically for bovine IVP.

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With a commitment to excellence, we provide a wide array of Animal IVP consumables and equipment, tailored to various species, including cattle, horses and small ruminants. Join us in this exciting journey, where IVF science and IVP converge to shape the future of animal reproduction.