Synergy Values

Synergy are proud to be associated with initiatives that support worthy causes and help us all live healthy and well on this planet we share with nature.


One of our favourite areas of assistance is to help maintain access to key rare and endangered species samples for animal genetics and genomics projects.  We have donated both time and equipment to various initiatives to help protect this most precious resource.

One such initiative is CryoArks which was developed to address the need to provide a sustainable resource of samples.  Species and populations are disappearing from the wild and permitting issues are increasingly becoming a barrier for fundamental science and conservation management projects.

Support for Ukraine

As war rages on in Ukraine, we have been deeply saddened by those caught in the conflict. Innocent men, women, and children have all been impacted in one way or another, and we want to do our bit to show our support and make a difference.

We have been able to supply a variety of equipment, especially for those fighting on the front lines. This includes chest seals, CAT tourniquets and emergency bandages, all of which the troops are lacking in. Not only have we been providing said equipment, one of our own engineers (Gary Watkins) has personally delivered it to its destination and has done multiple successful trips.