Planned Preventative Maintenance

Protecting your assets

With our PPM programme we take responsibility for your service needs right across your equipment range and life cycle. We manage, coordinate, and schedule all the works in a ‘best fit’ effort to prevent issues before they turn critical. There are known fail dates for most equipment subcomponents such as sensors or pumps that can be replaced before they fail. Knowing what to do and when to do it is the secret to minimising downtime for laboratories.

We ensure that you are compliant with statutory governing bodies and have the correct paperwork to demonstrate your requirements. Our Engineers are certified and complaint, with an enormous range of equipment skills, having either gained industry specific training, or direct accreditation with manufacturers across the globe.

Understanding the whole picture is the first part of our task, as it's not always clear. Even to those customers and companies who have been doing it for years, a little help in seeing the full picture is always welcomed.

Service Offering

  • Servicing single items
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance (Regulatory compliance)
  • Emergency Call Out 48HRS
  • Installation of new equipment
  • Service Management
  • Total Asset Management


After initial consultation and floor plan, we aim to quickly understand your service requirements and reduce the time, stress, costs and hassle. We work alongside your team, take on the positives already in place, and enhance them. We manage more than 80% of the UK’s IVF clinics’ service needs totalling thousands of assets across multiple sites, teams and rooms.


Our approach alleviates stress and minimizes downtime for lab equipment. We coordinate with other suppliers and services to align service schedules we establish with the unit lead. We efficiently organise and manage everything, often focusing on the shutdown period schedule.


We offer a free consultation process and the team are happy to review your PPM service needs to keep your facility in its best shape.

We consistently find that our services contribute to substantial savings for the clinic. We offer a more cost-effective solution compared to having your staff handle these responsibilities, and feedback from our clinics tells us our performance is second to none.

Equipment we can service:

Time-Lapse Systems
Rocket Aspiration Pumps
Alarm Monitoring Systems
Heated Surfaces
AV Tables
Vortex Mixers
Tube Warmers
Cryo Storage
Hand-Held Meters
Data Loggers

Don't just take our word for it

The installation process was professional. Engineers came with the required parts to split our gas lines for an incubator installation and provided a full report and all certificates.

School of Biosciences

University of Nottingham

From start to finish I have found IVFSynergy to be excellent.

They have the experience & expertise to advise on specifications, install requirements, logistics, equipment performance and monitoring.

They know the IVF world and what IVF units require.

Deputy Principal Embryologist

Belfast Regional Fertility Centre

I just wanted to thank you all for your help in getting our incubators sorted at light speed.  This week is furiously busy and we would have been in a world of pain if the process had not concluded so quickly and efficiently.

I could not have asked for more, the service you provided was exceptional

Consultant Embryologist

Cambridge IVF