Testing & Repairs

Synergy is working together

At Synergy we make it our business to try to think of the service and support angle before the sales. Our history comes from the service first approach, so this is at the front of our provision. Our mantra was always leave it better than you found it.

After service or repairs we supply all the documentation you require to pass validation requirements for your governing bodies as specified on the order.

Our team of engineers are able to also check, repair and test many pieces of equipment in our own workshop. We are the global service support arm for several of our key brands with equipment arriving to us from all over the world.

We are able to have specific items calibrated to set requirements often written out by governing bodies or regulations.


In addition to onsite hardware servicing, we can also manage offsite calibrations.

It’s crucial that these important assets are calibrated according to manufacturers’ recommended time intervals - we take the guesswork out of this and will contact you prior to these intervals elapsing to arrange
the offsite calibration.

Our calibration service is done to industry standards, especially UKAS and we can supply replacement probes and sensors for most machines and test provide test certificates.

For example our diagnostic pipettes are calibrated to UKAS 3.10 / 2.4 with very little down time and can be done either in house or at your place of work.