Cell Therapy

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Cell therapeutics, a cutting-edge medical approach, involves manipulating and utilising living cells to treat diseases. This revolutionary field encompasses techniques like CAR-T therapy and stem cell transplants, offering personalised treatments with potential to cure various ailments, including cancers and genetic disorders, by harnessing the body's own cellular machinery.

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Much like the IVF sector we grew up in, Synergy's Biosciences divisions are more than aware how important these cells are.  Our team is positioned to offer unrivalled products and services to these laboratories.

CAR-T therapy is a revolutionary cancer treatment. Immune cells (T cells) are extracted, modified to express Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CARs) that target cancer cells, and then infused back into the patient. This enhances T cells' ability to locate and destroy cancer, offering hope for previously untreatable cases.

Stem cell transplants involve replacing damaged or diseased cells with healthy stem cells, capable of forming various cell types. They treat conditions like leukemia and lymphoma, by replenishing bone marrow with functional cells. Autologous transplants use the patient's cells, while allogeneic transplants use donors'. Complex, but vital for regenerative medicine.