Bovine - Sperm Gradient Upper Layer 45%
Bovine - Sperm Gradient Upper Layer 45%

Bovine - Sperm Gradient Upper Layer 45%

 For semen preparation for IVF ICSI and to be used in combination with Stroebech Semen Wash Medium


20 ml. Gradient MediumProd No. 2.10.020

The media are supplied sterile in 20 ml glass bottles for sperm separation by density gradient centrifugation.

The medium is Hepes buffered and does not require CO2 equilibration

The medium is ready-to-use and does not need any supplements

Medium should be preheated to 35-37°C prior to use

Key Ingredients

Sodium bicarbonate, Silane-coated, colloid silica particles, Serum Albumin, Hepes, Sodium lactate, Sodium pyruvate, Sodium phosphate,Magnesium sulphate, Sodium chloride, Potassium chloride, Dextrose/Glucose, Calcium chloride

Quality Control Tests and Manufacturing
  • Sterility tested (Fungal and Bacterial)
  • Osmolality tested and pH tested
  • Endotoxin tested
  • Manufacturer is ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified
  • Controlled environment and to human standards
  • Bovine Embryo Assay (BEA)
  • Batch analysis certificate available
  • Store in original unopened container refrigerated 3-9 °C and protected from light
  • Do not expose to temperatures higher than 39°C
  • Do not freeze product it may precipitate < 2°C
  • The medium must be used within 10 days after opening, providing it has been handled aseptically and is kept refrigerated after opening
  • Discard unused medium if it has been warmed
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