Cell VU DRM-600 Sperm Counting Chamber - IVFSynergy
Cell VU DRM-600 Sperm Counting Chamber - IVFSynergy

Sperm Counting Chamber

Cell VU DRM-600 

Product Information

For sperm counts in undiluted specimens. The CELL-VU® Cytometer consists of a standard (3 x 1″), specially-designed glass slide and a coverslip with the counting grid laser-etched into its surface.

Disposal of the entire apparatus eliminates cleaning and minimizes clinician exposure to body fluids. Both the slide and coverslip are marked to ensure correct use. The coverslip’s 1 x 1 mm grid is divided into 100, 0.1 mm areas and is thin enough to use under high magnification without special adapters or reticles.


The slide consists of two chambers (for dual determinations), each with a depth of 20 µm. This depth is optimal for sperm cells to form in a monolayer, movement is unencumbered, motility can be assessed and counts are made easily.

25 Slides/50 Grid Coverslips



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