ESCO - Miri Gas Analyser - IVFSynergy
ESCO - Miri Gas Analyser - IVFSynergy
ESCO - Miri Gas Analyser - IVFSynergy

MIRI Gas Analyser

Complete your IVF Lab with a Miri GA


The MIRI GA® is a tabletop device specifically designed for external validation of gas concentration and temperature in IVF incubators. This versatile device can validate various types of Esco Medical IVF incubators, including the MIRI® Time-lapse Incubator, MIRI® Multiroom Incubator, Mini MIRI® Incubators, and other brands. Unlike conventional handheld validating devices that require separate devices for temperature and gas concentration measurements, the MIRI® GA can perform both measurements concurrently


In growing embryos, optimizing the gas and temperature setting is always a crucial part. It's a job that demands high-quality precision and perfect timing. Skip your worries about culture conditions and start working in a stress-free lab. The Miri Benchtop and Miri Time-Lapse Incubators are designed for easy and continuous validation for both gas and temperature by using the Miri GA, a Gas and Temperature Validation.

Gas and Temperature Validation


The Miri GA is a tabletop device intended to be installed as an accessory device to incubators. It is the perfect system to validate your Miri and Miri TL systems because it has:

  • 6 x PT 1000 input ports
  • 6 x gas sampling input ports

Employing state-of-the-art sensor technology, this advanced CO2 and O2 gas analyzer can take sequential samples from up to 6 incubators simultaneously.

Connected to a PC, the data logging software will document gas analysis and temperature measurement. It is full of features such as adjustable alarm thresholds and can be set to send e-mail alarms.

  • Constantly validate up to 6 x CO2 / O2 incubators
  • CO2/ O2 incubators Controllable flow rate
  • Monitor up to 6 x PT1000 sensors
  • 6 ports for sequential gas samples
  • Gas feedback returns sampled gas to incubator or exhaust

As validation unit, Miri GA can provide

  • Parameter data logging
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Adjustable alarm thresholds

Connected to a PC, the logging software will document parameters and optionally send e-mail alarms if set up.


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