IVFtech - Light - IVFSynergy
IVFtech - Light - IVFSynergy

Safety Cabinet - Light

IVFtech Light is a standard cabinet built to an economy.


The IVFtech Econica cabinets are the basic vertical laminar flow workstation. The vertical laminar flow provides clean air over the whole of the working area. It comes either as a cold cabinet or heated and prepped for one microscope, available in 90 or 120 cm with a stainless steel work surface and a light source. We can also offer a fixed or electronically adjustable stand and wheel options.


Options: 60cm, 120cm.  Both are available with one full heated area and preparation for microscope or as a cold cabinet.

IVFtech Light 60cm is available with wheels, easy to move around for use in different locations.

Like all our other cabinets IVFtech Light can also be supplied with adjustable electrical stand or fixed stand.

  • User friendly interface
  • Easy to clean
  • Slope front for ergonomic work
  • Fits all major microscope brands
  • Fixed fan speed
  • Fixed light intensity
  • Cold or heated surface, one size heating mat
  • Option for electrical elevation stand
  • Stainless steel

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