Oosafe® Sperm Collection Cup 80 ml - IVFSynergy

Oosafe® Sperm Collection Cup 80 ml

Single pack, 70 pcs/case

  • Surface treated options for a consistent hydrophilic surface
  • Made of Medical Grade USP VI Tested Raw Materials: Polypropylene (Sperm Collection Cup and Centrifuge Tube)
  • Clear Microscope Image
  • Excellent Thermal Transfer on Heated Stage
  • Easy Grip Design 
Manufactured and Sterilized in ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Certified Facility
  • Vacuum packed to prevent scratches

Tested for each LOT: 


Sterilised with Gamma Irradiation
One cell Mouse Embryo Assay Tested (MEA ≥ 80 % Blastocyst)
Non-pyrogenic, Endotoxin Tested (LAL ≤ 0.03 EU/mL)
Human Sperm Survival and Motility Tested (SMI ≥ 0.75)
CE Marked as IVD




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