Phase 2 Dewar CCF35H/V
Phase 2 Dewar CCF35H/V
Phase 2 Dewar CCF35H/V

Phase 2 Dewar CCF35H/V


CCF Series phasetwo’s CCF series provides customers with the latest technology in the traditional sizes.

The design provides a dedicated and fixed position for the Low-Level Alarm (LLA)with temperature monitor. The LLA continues to monitor the freezer’s temperature and level while product is removed or inserted, providing product security.


When the lid is removed it is stored in a specific position so the operator can use both hands to quickly access the product in the freezer. The canister locating mechanism in the bottom of the unit also physically locates the optional central canister.

Our premium multi-layer insulation and other materials, together with the latest vacuum technology systems provides the leading industry performance. Engineering utilized finite element analysis, with specific testing to create durable aluminium freezers suitable for today’s requirements. 

  • New one-piece lockable lid design.
  • Low Level Alarm and temperature monitor remain in place while product is inserted or removed for product security.
  • Premium materials provide industry leading LN2 performance
  • Location to store removed Neckplug for faster access to the product.
  • Numbered canister locations and colour-coded handles for easy product identification.
  • Static holding time – 122 days
  • Normal Evaporation rate (litres/day) – 0.41
  • Liquid Nitrogen Capacity – 50 litres
  • Neck Diameter (mm) – 64
  • Overall Height / Diameter: 828 x 448mm
  • Weight Full (Kg) – 58.2

(Warranty is limited to the cost and operation of the phasetwo product and excludes consequential loss including contents)


Phase 2 Brochure



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