Sperm Hyaluronic Acid Binding Test
Sperm Hyaluronic Acid Binding Test

Sperm Hyaluronic Acid Binding Test

Semen analysis is widely performed as a major test of male fertility potential, by assessing sperm count, motility and morphology of the spermatozoa.
Additional test are needed indicate functional capacity of spermatozoa.  The Hyaluronan test evaluates the maturity of sperm in a fresh sample following liquefaction.
The test helps evaluate the maturity of motile sperm by detecting the binding rate of sperm with hyaluronic acid.

It is widely accepted as a simple technique that forms a major part of modern semen analysis of male infertility.

• One-step operation, time saving
• Lyophilized SHB specimen of 5% BSA
• 20 tests/kit




What is the Hyaluronan Acid Binding Assay test ?

In sperm analysis, hyaluronic acid is immobilized on a surface, and sperm samples are exposed to it. Mature spermatozoa, with specific receptors for hyaluronic acid, bind to it.  One of the factors affecting fertilization is the sperm’s ability to bind to hyaluronic acid, which should be present on the egg cell’s surface. In order to check this reaction, we use hyaluronic acid binding tests. During the test, at least 80% of sperm should bind to hyaluronic acid.

Why is it important?

The ability of spermatozoa to bind to hyaluronic acid can select mature sperm, improve fertilization rates, reduce sperm DNA fragments, enhance pregnancy rates, and enable personalized treatments and diagnostics.  The proportion of motile spermatozoa capable of binding to hyaluronan is called the Hyaluronan Binding index (HB index)

With binding lower than 80% there is a correlation with lower pregnancy chances, and so ICSI is typically recommended with these patients. 

The index has been correlated to increased outcomes for ICSI procedures

How do I choose a reliable Hyaluronan acid or HBA test kit?

With one-step operation, the CARIAD HBA test kit can run a test in less than 20 minutes. Our test kit uses lyophilized SHB specimens of 5% BSA for better preservation.


Shelf Life

Shelf Life - stable for 12 months at 2-8℃ , 60 days at 2-8℃ after opening

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