Box Incubator - SCA/SMA-30
Astec - SCA/SMA-30 - IVFSynergy
Box Incubator - SCA/SMA-30
Box Incubator - SCA/SMA-30
Box Incubator - SCA/SMA-30

Box Incubator - SCA/SMA-30


Direct Heat Type co2 (SCA) and Tri (SMA) Gas Incubator

Penguin SCA/SMA-30

Introducing our smallest long-trusted SCA/SMA incubator with direct heating system. SCA/SMA 30 DRS Direct Heat incubators provide reliable performance and friendly operation.

From basic to cutting-edge research with challenging applications, this small but mighty champion is designed to help you meet your challenges in the lab. The smallest incubator in our Astec range. A very good, consistent small "personal" incubator

All our Astec incubators are serviced directly by our own engineers

  • Personal Incubation: Secure, optimum environment for specimens.
  • Precise Temperature Control: Exceptionally stable and accurate.
  • Automatic Maintenance: Automatic CO2 sensor calibration.
  • Dependable: Various alarms guard specimens against any deviation from the user settings.
  • User Friendly: All the interior components can be removed without using any tools. Every corner inside the chamber is rounded for thorough and easier cleaning.
Model SCA-30D SCA-30DR SMA-30D SMA-30DR
Exterior W415 x D410 x H510 / 16.3 x 16.1 x 20.1
Inner Chamber W310 x D295 x H330 / 12.2 x 11.6 x 13.0
Capacity 30 Liters / 1.06 ft3
Inner Chamber SUS304
Inner Door Tempered Glass / 5mm
Shelf Size(mm/inch) W252 x D252 x H8 / 9.9 x 9.9 x 0.3
Number of Shelves 2 Shelves Standard,4 Shelves Max
Temperature Control PID Control
Temperature Range Ambient +5.0℃ ~ 50.0℃
Temp Control Accuracy ±0.1℃
Temp Uniformity ±0.3℃
CO2 Sensor type T/C IR T/C IR
CO2 Control Range 0%~20.0%
CO2 Control Accuracy ±0.1%
O2 Sensor - Galvanic Battery, ON-OFF Control
O2 Control Range - 1.0% ~ 89.0%
O2 Control Accuracy - ±0.5%
Humidity 95% ±4RH
Humidity System Natural Evaporation
Airflow in Chamber Convection with a fan
Safety functions Safety Cut-off at 38℃
Alarm Contact Temperature,CO2,O2
Options Air Dust Filter, Shelf Doors
Weight 30Kg / 66lb
Power AC100V-230V 50Hz/60Hz



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