Benchtop Incubator - 6 & 12 Chamber Miri Time Lapse
Benchtop Incubator - 6 & 12 Chamber Miri Time Lapse
ESCO - Miri Time Lapse - IVFSynergy
ESCO - Miri Time Lapse - IVFSynergy
ESCO - Miri Time Lapse - IVFSynergy
ESCO - Miri Time Lapse - IVFSynergy
ESCO - Miri Time Lapse - IVFSynergy
ESCO - Miri Time Lapse - IVFSynergy

Benchtop Incubator - 6 & 12 Chamber Miri Time Lapse

Available with 6 or 12 chambers, the MIRI® Time-Lapse Incubator is a multiroom incubator that comes equipped with a microscope and camera.

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The integrated camera and microscope offer real-time, high-quality time-lapse images of embryo development, eliminating the need for manual microscopy and the potential risks associated with removing embryos from the safe environment of the incubation chamber.

With time-lapse embryo monitoring, detailed morphokinetic data throughout the entire developmental process can be gathered, providing insights not available through traditional spot microscopic evaluation. This allows for the observation of all critical events, aiding in the identification of healthy embryos with the highest potential for implantation, and ultimately resulting in higher pregnancy rates.



    With Miri® Time-Lapse (Miri® TL), you can watch the embryos grow and develop throughout the entire culture process. There's no need to take your dishes out for scoring.

    See them grow right on your monitor, enabling you to see significant morphological events for better prediction of future developmental and implantation potential.


    Unique Incubation Environment

    The Miri®TL's overall design provides cultured embryos a minimum-stress environment. The six (6) chambers, designed to prevent cross-contamination, are entirely independent of each other; hence, any disruption such as temperature drop when opening the lid will have no impact on the rest of the system.

    Every time you open one chamber, you can always see the dish staying in the same compartment thereby minimizing the risk of mixing up the samples. The Miri TL also has a built-in  HEPA-VOC filtration system and UV light that cleans the airstream continuously. This value-added treatment is the market’s most secure and safest incubation environment for your embryos. 


    2 Temperature Mode Options:

    • Single : Uniform set points for all 6 chambers.
    • Multi : Individual set points for each chamber.

    Unprecedented Faster Recovery

    • 6 / 12 incubation chambers set new standards for a safe and secure handling of your embryos
    • Time lapse monitoring with 5 minute picture interval
    • 3 softwares: Miri® TL Software (running on the PC in the MIRI TL); Miri® ; TL Server (running on a seperate powerful PC); Miri® TL Viewer (Running on a powerful client touch PC)
    • 1 CultureCoin per Miri® TL chamber; 14 embryos per CultureCoin
    • Heated lid prevents condensation and enhances temperature regulation / recovery


      • Built- in HD resolution touch screen PC
      • Easy event-result based drag and drop annotation
      • Writable Glass Lids
      • Large and easy-to-read LED displays


      • With pH sensor port
      • Easy temperature CO2 and O2 validation via the easy access PT1000 connectors and gas sampling ports.


      • Pre-mixed gas is not required
      • Total gas consumption is very low. Less than 2l/h CO2 and 10l/h N2 in use.

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