AD-3100 - CUBE
AD-3100 - CUBE
AD-3100 - CUBE
AD-3100 - CUBE
AD-3100 - CUBE

AD-3100 - CUBE

Drawer Type Incubator AD-3100


Commonly known as the "CUBE", the AD-3100 provides the safest, most versatile solution for cell culture applications. There are 4 independent chambers which completely operate autonomous from each other, as if there were four individual incubators set in one unit.

  • Independent Temperature, CO2 and O2 sensors on each drawer, independent control.
  • Extremely stable in culture environment.
  • Each drawer is a separate, hand-held incubation chamber.
  • Independent alarm system on each drawer. 
Drawer system

Each chamber has its own individual temperature control and gas mixing systems, all protected by an alarm system set by default. The "CUBE" has been widely used in the US, Europe, China, East Asia, and the Middle East since 2010.

Split Drawer Option

With the new divided lid option, dishes for up to two patients can occupy the same drawer. This unique feature allows you to access the desired dish in one chamber without disturbing others, while keeping each patient's dish separate in a compact environment.

The drawers are detachable and can be easily picked up and placed back on the tray, making this unit exceptionally easy to clean and maintain.


Overall Dimension W562 x D570 x H610 (mm)
Drawer Specifications
Usable Dimension W180 x D217 x H20 (mm)
Volume 775ml
Capacity Equivalent to four 4-well MultiDishes
Drawer Weight 3.5lbs/2.8kg
Number of Drawers 4 drawers
Temperature Control
Control System Digital PID
Range 7℃ above ambient to 40℃
Accuracy ±0.1℃ (*1)
Uniformity ±0.2℃ (*1)
CO2 Control
Sensor Type IR Sensor
Range 0% - 10.0%
Accuracy ±0.3%
O2 Control
Sensor Type Galvanic Battery
Range 4.0% - 10.0%
Accuracy ±0.5%
Humidity 90%±5%RH
Humidity System Natural Evaporation
Required Gas CO2 and N2
Flow Rate CO2 40ml/min , N2 120ml/min
Alarm Functions Temperature, CO2, O2
Alarm Output DC12V 0.3A (Option)
Safety Function Overheat Prevention (Software Control)
Analog Output Temperature/CO2/O2 (Option)
Machine Weight 176lbs/80kg
Electrical AC100-120V 5A(Max) 50/60Hz
AC200-240V 6.5A(Max) 50/60Hz

*1 Measured on the bottom of chamber


Hand Held Chamber(Single Lid Design)

Model HC-3100
Size (W×D×H) W180 mm × D217 mm × H20 mm
Capacity 781mL
Dish number 35mm: 12 dishes
60mm: 6 dishes
4well: 4 dishes

Hand Held Chamber(Split Lid Design)

Model HC-3100-2
One Compartment Size (W×D×H) W94 mm × D100 mm × H20 mm
One Compartment Capacity 186 mL (744 mL in total 4 compartments)
Dish number for one compartment 35mm: 4 dishes
60mm: 1 dish
4well: 1 dish

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