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Unica Isolator

The UNICA is a semi closed system.

Careful sample manipulation has always been a key element of Cell Culture laboratory work, and has contributed substantially to the success of many procedures.

The employment of a controlled-atmosphere workstation has been proposed in order to meet the special requirements of some specific sample culture handling.

This self-contained chamber reproduces the incubator conditions allowing the to Laboratory to conduct manipulations while minimizing slight alterations of the environmental conditions (temperature changes, gas composition, culture medium osmolarity and pH) and preserving developmental potential.

  • Heated tabletop
  • Heated air
  • CO2
  • Easy access to chamber
  • Easy to service
  • Easy to clean
  • Slope front for ergonomic work
  • Fits all major microscope brands
  • Effective work flow
  • Built in timer
  • Low noise level
  • Efficient carbon filtration
  • Option for electrical elevation stand
  • Hi-Macs
  • Standard heat 450 x 650mm
  • Witness preparation flush
  • Fixed or electrical adjustable stand
  • Monitor to be placed or integrated on top of the Unica
  • Different access ports
  • Side doors
  • Bracket for gasflask

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