Labcold - 88L Incubator Cooler or Refrigerator - IVFSynergy

88L Incubator Cooler or Refrigerator

Cooled Incubator 88 L glass door

  • Digital temperature display from +5°C and 40°C 
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Overall temperature variation: better than ±0.5ºC at 4ºC and ±1ºC at 20ºC Adjustable shelving Internal light

LABCOLD Cooled Incubators have controlled cooling and heating allowing you to choose an operating temperature between +5°C and 40°C unlike normal incubators which can only operate from several degrees above room temperature.

Cooled incubators are usually a necessity for reliable incubation at or below 30°C in most laboratory environments.


Access ports; internal power sockets with safety trip; temperature recorders/loggers.

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