MVE Chart Doble
MVE Chart Doble

MVE Chart Doble

Featuring Advanced QWickTM Charge Technology The Doble Series cryogenic liquid dewars are the first units to be designed for both vapor shipment and liquid storage.


The Doble QWick Series utilizes an absorbent wicking material that charges with liquid nitrogen in two hours. *New/warm tanks still need to be filled with LN2 and allowed to sit 24 hours to achieve maximum hold time. When a tank is already cold, the Advanced QWick Charge technology will apply, providing the capacity for same-day vapor shipping. A unique absorbent layer in the base of the storage tanks enables them to be charged with nitrogen and employed as dry shippers with hold times of up to 21 days. Once at the final destination, the tanks can be filled with liquid and used for long term storage, therefore avoiding the need for return shipments.

  • Liquid and vapor storage options 
  • Low liquid nitrogen consumption 
  • Convenient lightweight package 

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