PHCBi - MCO -18AC - IVFSynergy
PHCBi - MCO -18AC - IVFSynergy

MCO -18AC Incubator

The IncuSafe MCO-18AC CO2 Incubator was developed utilizing advanced technology for unprecedented temperature and CO2 control.


Chamber conditions are accurately maintained by the Microprocessor P.I.D controller. The DHA Direct Heat & Air Jacket was designed to surpass the performance of the traditional water jacket and eliminates the inconveniences of using water. Start-up simple and easy with the automatic set-up function.

Copper-enriched Stainless Steel Kills Mycoplasma

PHCbi is proud to announce that InCu saFe, the copper-enriched stainless steel used in the interior of its CO2 and O2/CO2 incubators, kills mycoplasma. Mycoplasma is one of the most common causes of contamination found in cell culture and the source can often be traced back to contaminated laboratory apparatus. The inCu-saFe walls and shelves inside IncuSafe CO2 and O2/CO2 Incubators eliminate mycoplasma and significantly reduce the risk of contamination without emptying the incubator.

  • Automatic CO2 Cylinder Switchover System (optional)
  • Ergonomic Design
  • TC Sensor System
  • Double stacking
  • Single chamber
  • Active Background Contamination Control
  • Patented Direct Heat and AIR Jacket Heating System
  • PHCbi inCu saFe copper-alloy-stainless interior, shelves and plenum
  • Field-reversible Door
  • Water Level Sensor (Optional)
  • Automatic Gas Cylinder Switchover System (Optional)

External Dimensions (W x D x H)        620 x 710 x 900 mm

Internal Dimensions (W x D x H)         490 x 523 x 665 mm

Volume        170 litres

Net Weight   92 kg

Inner Doors                1

Shelves        3 x Stainless Steel Copper-enriched Alloy

Shelf Dimensions (W x D x H)               450 x 450 x 12 mm



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