SAFE-OX+ O2 Monitor
SAFE-OX+ O2 Monitor
SAFE-OX+ O2 Monitor

SAFE-OX+ O2 Monitor

Using ppO2 sensors, the Safe-Ox+ is an ambient oxygen (O2) monitor designed to protect the lives of those working in an environment where enriched oxygen (O2) and/or inert gases including argon (Ar), helium (He), nitrogen (N2) and liquid nitrogen (LN2) are present.


When enriched oxygen (O2) leaks, it poses a number of risks including fire, explosion and a condition on the human body called hyperoxia which can cause the central nervous system to shut down.

When an inert gas leaks it displaces the oxygen (O2) also posing a risk to life. Even a very small reduction in oxygen (O2) can cause effects on the human body such as headaches, confusion and shortness of breath.

Normal atmosphere contains 20.9% oxygen (O2) and levels should be maintained in any area around this level.

Using an oxygen (O2) monitor, like the Safe-Ox+, is the best way to protect people and your site in these potentially hazardous environments. The Safe-Ox+ also ensures adherence to exposure limit legislation such as OSHA and EH40.

The Safe-Ox+ is an oxygen (O2) enrichment and depletion monitor designed to protect the lives of those working in and around gases such as oxygen (O2), nitrogen (N2) and helium (He).

This fixed system can be wall mounted within minutes. It consists of a main sensor unit which is mounted in the room with the danger gas. A remote repeater alarm is installed at the entrance to the area so you know if it is safe to enter or not.

Both parts of the system offer audible and visual alarms and the main unit continuously displays the ambient oxygen (O2) levels for the area.

The Safe-Ox+ boasts a very long life sensor and requires very little servicing and maintenance.

Unlike most other oxygen (O2) sensors, the Safe-Ox+ can be used in a helium (He) environment. Analox utilizes special technology to ensure that your unit is reliable and accurate even with helium present.

Wall mounted main unit, with alarm repeater.

  • Long-life oxygen (O2) sensor
  • O2 Range: 0.1 to 25%
  • IP65 for central unit and alarm repeater
  • Minimal maintenance for users
  • User changeable sensor
  • Calibration adjustment of the Safe-Ox+ can be completed using ‘pure air’
  • Remote alarm repeater included
  • Plug-in & Go install in minutes
  • Not cross sensitive to He
Optional Extras
  • 1 or 2 relays
  • 4-20mA output
  • Additional repeaters (for areas with multiple entrances)
  • Cable extension kits



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