Sperm Collection Cup 100ml
Sperm Collection Cup 100ml

Sperm Collection Cup 100ml

VitroMed’s sperm collection cup is has a 100ml capacity with graduations up to 90ml. The cup features a blue screw-cap lid for secure sample storage.

Sterile 100 mL sample cup for collection and storing of ejaculate samples for further in vitro diagnostic procedures.

Individually soft blister packed, 300 pcs/box

  • Blue screw cap
  • Individually packed to protect from scratches and contaminations.
  • Graduations up to 90 mL, total volume 100 mL
  • Inert and Chemically resistant
  • Clear polypropylene material
  • Manufactured from USP Class 6 standard polymers (virgin polystyrene)
  • Cleanroom manufactured
  • High 63.65 mm (without lid)
  • Diameter 55.40 mm (without lid)

Radiation Sterilised

Non-toxic and bisphenol A-free

  • 96h 1-cell mouse embryo assay (MEA ≥ 80 % blastocyst),
  • endotoxin tested
  • HSSA Human sperm survival and motility testing (SMI ≥ 0.70)



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