Vitrostash XL - IVFSynergy

Vitrostash XL

Increase large freezer capacities by up to 270%

Product Details

Made exclusively for labs using conventional SUC-1 canisters and canes for large LN2 freezer storage, the VitroStashXL allows you to significantly enhance your freezer capacities quite simply. You can now double or even triple your capacity in two or three-high rack configurations. Lightweight and durable, VitroStashXL is used by labs across many disciplines and is a proven solution for lab managers seeking greater storage and cost efficiencies in large LN2 freezers.

  • Increase storage by up to 270%.
  • Available in 2-high and 3-high configurations.
  • Ideal for archival storage.
  • Lightweight and durable 304 stainless steel rack with “mini” SUC-1 aluminum canister.
  • Less freezers means lower energy consumption, less storage space required and a significant reduction in LN2 costs.

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